LAS LEONAS  won the semifinal 4-0 against Chile 

Las Leonas won 11 to 0 in the Pan American

came to our school two LEONAS  named Mariana and Mariane retired and told us of his life as hockey.ellas players told us chiqutasEmpas from far and worked hard to get where we are now and weask you many questions that interested us.


Information of hockey:



The same is played on natural grass or artificial (synthetic turf with water or sand) without patience any kind, with a stick (called Stick), which has a flat face and a curve, with an almost solid plastic ball about the size of a baseball. This ball is commonly called a ball (in areas of South America) or ball in Spain. The teams consist of 11 players, including a player to be put on helmet and will be called goalkeeper (goalie) In addition, the mandatory helmet, you can wear protective equipment consisting of foot guards, breastplate, and cuclillera two gloves, a shirt and boxers, as usual. Control of the game is made ​​by two referees together, which are holding 3 card penalty rates: green, yellow and red. The green is often used mainly as a warning and in accordance with the new rules of the FIH lead 2 minutes of removal. The yellow is shown forcing the player to leave the field for a time determined by the arbitrator that the penalties, which may be 5 minutes (if it’s repeated failure) or 10 if it is for serious and what was left of time party. This player, while you are warned, can not talk to referees or other players. The yellow card is used when a player who already had green reiterate the commission of the fault that caused his first admonition, or when not having it, commits a serious offense but not enough to warrant a red card which he was expelled (like hitting the referee or an opposing player). Under the new rules involve a red two yellow like football.


We love playing hockey, we like playing football too, but we like hockey more. When we get hurt we don ´t like it because we can´t play anymore.


The blog is about, it´s we’re favorite and something more.


We like hockey because we have a lot of friends and we like to play.

We dislike hockey because it sometimes happened I can´t play because  sometimes I’m hurt. We like running but we hate when we have to run a lot.




          MY NAME  IS PILAR. I`AM A PEOPLE OF A SCHOOL IN Buenos Aires. I play in a club, I love running.  Ah! And I do hockey in the school.  In the school I do swimming I like it but a I prefer hockey.



About me:


                   My name is Delfina. I go to a school in Buenos Aires. I love hockey because is an interesting play play hockey in a club and in the school and it`s very funny.


About  me:


                    My name is Serena. I go to a school in Buenos Aires.  I do hockey in the school and I loved. Because is very funny!!!